Live Chat for Car Dealers is Just a KwikiChat Away

Your Website + Your Smartphone + KwikiChat = More Car Sales.

Our live chat service, called KwikiChat, helps convert potential buyers (visitors) on your website into REAL customer sales. It's simple and easy. Why make it complicated? Potential buyers use our live chat website companion app (on your website) to talk directly to you on your mobile phone without you having to give them your cell phone number and without them having to know your number. You just made your smartphone, SMARTER. Live chat calls can be shared with your associate or assistant or anyone who is part of your team.

It's becoming more competitive in the car sales industry and car dealers need an advantage. KwikiChat's live chat mobile app gives car dealers an unfair advantage over outsourcing your website live chat operations to 3rd parties. Kwikichat's live chat feature makes it easy for potential buyers to connect with you right from your website right to your mobile device.
An outsourced service can only take their names, and then forward that info to you. The potential buyer must then wait for you or a team member to get back to them. What do you think they are going to do while they wait? They are going back to Google and clicking on the next car dealership in the list. This time they might actually have a live chat with a car dealer who could be using KwikiChat's live chat app. Don't miss that opportunity. KwikiChat not only connects potential buyers with you immediately, but it also makes it possible for you to showcase your car lot to buyers. This is possible via KwikiChat's 2-way interactive video feature. It's like the buyer is right there on your lot. You can showcase a vehicle they are interested in and then setup the appointment for them to come in and pick up their purchase.

Our live chat app was designed with car dealers in mind.
First Impressions: It's often said, and understood, that you only get one chance to make a first impression. KwikiChat's live chat app is your number one tool to make an outstanding impression with a potential car buyer. When they are looking for a used or new vehicle they don't want to wait. When you use our live chat app you will be making a definite lasting impression and increasing the odds of a sale. 

Research Support: Forrester Research conducted a study where they discovered that 44% of consumers searching the Internet used some sort of live chat tool, if available, to assist in carrying out why they were on the website in the first place. The research centered around shopping and the message applies to dealerships; people will use a live chat tool if one is available to them. KwikiChat takes live chat to a whole new level for car dealers by allowing not only text chat but also audio and video chat right within the app without having to share or know phone numbers.

KwikiChat turns live chat into car buyers popping up on your smartphone.
Stand Out: While there are plenty of live chat services online today, not all will make you stand out. What does make you stand out is when you use live chat yourself and not depend on 3rd parties to collect data and then pass it on to you. KwikiChat turns live chat into an extension of who you are. When potential buyers can speak directly with a car dealer, and not with an outsourced call center, they feel as though their needs are being elevated to the top of the pile. Using live chat by KwikiChat will definitely have cars flying off your lot. 
KwikiChat turns live chat into car buyers popping up on your smartphone.

One thing we can almost bet the farm on is that EVERY car dealer has a smartphone and a website. KwikiChat makes your smartphone smarter by having fresh prospects on your website popping up on your smartphone. It's a more affordable solution than 3rd party call centers and it creates more satisifed customers which means increased business for you and your dealership.

Talk to one of our agents today about our live chat service, KwikiChat. Your next client could be a chat away.

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A Few Quick FAQs

YES. KwikiChat works on iPhone running iOS 10 or higher. Support for iPad coming soon.

KwikiChat will run on Android phones using operating system 4.2 or higher. At the moment KwikiChat will not run on Android tablets. This upgrade will happen soon.

YES. The only requirement is that your website must be protected using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). In other words your website address must use https and NOT rely on simply http. If you do not have a SSL certificate on your website consult your hosting company and they should be able to install one for you.

YES. Security and privacy are parramount and we encrypt any content being shared between KwikiChat's website companion app and the mobile app.

YES. If for any reason during your first 7 days you are not 100% satisfied with KwikiChat's service then simply submit a support ticket and request a refund. We will ask no questions and will issue you a refund within 24 hours of your request. We are so confident that you will enjoy kwikiChat's service that we are willing to take all the risk.

YES. Simply visit our help desk by clicking HERE and send any questions or feature suggestions to us. We will respond accordingly. 


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